Connect Web Conferencing

For years, one integral piece of software that makes this all possible is Zoom. Our marketing and technical support teams are seasoned and long-time champions, leveraging the platform daily to support our clients and market our services.  

We Want to Pass our Experience and Expertise on to You.

Confluence is offering the convenience and peace-of-mind of a fully managed, Zoom-based web conference experience, Connect Web Conferencing. As part of our service package, we will help you deliver your web conferences with ease, relying on Confluence staff and technology to remove all uncertainty.    
As more and more associations and nonprofits turn to hosting virtual meetings and conferences, the stakes to execute a flawless online event grow higher. Chances are your organization has hosted virtual events in the past, but with attendee numbers rapidly growing into the hundreds and thousands, the spotlight is quickly shifting, and you may find yourself in need of professional reinforcement.   
If Murphy’s Law has taught us anything, it’s that if something can go wrong, it most certainly will.

Virtual Meetings are no Exception.   
Imagine you’re hosting several hundred participants at a monthly stakeholders meeting and something slips up—Maybe a moderator is late, maybe there are audio issues or annoying background noise, maybe your slides won’t display and your chat box is blowing up with angry attendee feedback. You feel panicked and helpless, and worst of all, attendees are leaving your meeting in droves.
Your Webinar is a Bust. It Doesn’t Have to be.   

Let Confluence Global manage your web conferencing events entirely. Confluence has a long history of leveraging the Zoom webinar platform successfully, delivering hundreds of thought-provoking knowledge shares, industry updates, product demonstrations and training courses using web conferencing best practices and our technical expertise.   

To learn more about how Connect Web Conferencing can help your organization execute flawless virtual meetings and events email us: