Data Management

Preparing for a software migration, crafting a new set of reports to unlock new business intelligence insights, and protecting your data requires skills, training, and experience. We can help.

Fractional DBA: Your On-demand Data Technician

Let our skilled database administrator (DBA) consultants help you manage and maintain your contact records instead of hiring full-time staff. You can call on us for a few hours per month or a few days per week to ensure the data powering your customer relationship management (CRM) or association management system (AMS) is accurate and relevant.

Data Cleansing Services

To gain actionable insights for your organization, your data muse be reliable. 

Data Self-assessment

As you try to output a membership or donor list with addresses, affiliations and tenure, ask yourself these questions: 
  • Is our information uniform and ready to publish?
  • Do we know our customer lifetime value (CLV)?
  • Do we know how our numbers this year compare to last year or the last five years?
  • Do we know who was a member last year but not this year (LYBUNT)?
  • Do we know who was a member in the past but not this year (SYBUNT)?
  • Do we only have active records where the last activity is less than seven years ago?

If you answered “no” to any of these, our staff can help you clean and report your data better. 

Data Management Plans

Without proper policies and plans in place, you could be unintentionally leaving your organization at risk.

Risk Mitigation Self-assessment

As you consider your organization's approach to managing your data, ask yourself these questions:
  • Do we have a data retention policy?
  • Do we have a data security policy or data breach policy?
  • Do we have standard operating procedures (SOP) defined and enforcement staff?
  • Do we have weekly and monthly data audits to ensure our data remains reliable?
  • Are we PCI compliant?
  • Are we GDPR compliant? 
If you answered “no” to any of these, our staff can help you manage your data better.