Fractional CIO

Think of a fractional CIO as your on-demand chief information officer. Organizations of any size require a technology strategist who can oversee information systems in support of their strategic plan. If you do not have a CIO on your staff, you can use our experience and expertise with associations and nonprofits to deliver plans that will meet the needs of your board, your current and future customers, and your staff. We will help you understand what you have, help you do more with what you have, and help you plan for the future.

Helping You Understanding What You Have

Before you can get more out of your system or plan for the future, you need to know what you already have. We can help.

IT Assessments and Audits

Discovering what you already have is the first step to helping you get what you need. Our technical team will work with your staff to discover your technology infrastructure, as well as your staff capabilities and competencies. Then we can compare how you stack up against similar organizations.  

Systems Requirements Analysis

As you prepare to select new software that will power your organization, it is important you find the right fit. Through conversations with your key stakeholders, we work with you to understand what you need now, and we will help you plan for the future.

Business Process Review

To attain the highest performance from your staff and your technology, you must establish a solid foundation built on the right tasks from start to finish. We can help you map your current workflows and recommend strategies that will eliminate wasted effort.

Helping You Plan for the Future

We have spent our careers in associations and nonprofits, so we know the long cycle required to compile a budget, get it through committees, and finally have it approved. Let us help you build a strategy and business cases to get your priorities funded.

IT Planning & Budgeting

We understand that the bottom line in the first draft of the annual IT budget usually reads something like “as little as possible.” We want to help you understand what is possible with the right approach, not just for this year, but as part of your organizational strategy.

Systems Selection

Choosing the right platform for your needs, scale, and budget is confusing, complicated, and frustrating. You can trust us to help you identify, select, and implement the technology solutions that best match your organization. We want you to be excited about your software.

Helping You do More with What You Have

To get the most out of your software investment, you may need to train or supplement your team or better understand how your platforms should work for you.

Staff Augmentation

Specialized software requires training, expertise, and experience. We can help your team for short-term projects, embed one of our consultants more permanently, or help you find your next star employee. We are your partner in finding the best solution for your organization.

Our consultants can help support your:
  • Association management system (AMS)
  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • Database
  • CRM
  • Event software
  • Email marketing software

System Optimization

When you invest in the technology that helps power your mission, it is not a one-time transaction. Quickly, the needs of your constituents change, the needs of your staff change, and the needs of your organization change. We can help you get the most out of your investment by helping you use, maintain, or reconfigure the features and functions you are already paying for.