Software Implementation

We are a premier implementer of the NimbleAMS, netFORUM Enterprise and YourMembership platforms. Using our team of experienced and highly skilled business analysts, consultants, developers and project managers, we cooperatively design, build, and support our clients’ projects by infusing change management fundamentals and Modern Agile project management into every phase. That is how we reduce frustration and confusion, and ensure our clients are fully equipped to confidently run their systems.

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Our Approach

The Confluence Global team has many years of experience with the leading association management systems. We deliver useful documentation to ensure you are fully equipped to efficiently and effectively run your system.

Delivering You More Than Technology

We use a best-practices approach through Modern Agile project management to design, build, and support your requirements and scale. We can scale up or down to meet your needs. We deliver more than just technical requirements. As a trusted partner we deliver peace of mind.


  • Discover and analyze your requirements
  • Establish direct and indirect project stakeholders
  • Set goals and timelines


  • Manage with the Modern Agile approach
  • Deploy declarative and custom development services
  • Deliver quality, useful documentation


  • Ensure you are fully satisfied with the results
  • Provide client-side augmentation services
  • Recommend system optimization strategies
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Change Management

We hold your hand at every step. We help you effectively prepare your organization and your constituents with communications templates and other proven change management techniques.

Change management is a deliberate process. We can help you plan for it and react as necessary. You need to have the right vocabulary, concepts, techniques, and communication plans to confidently and calmly carry out your vision.

The overall impact a major system change can have on an organization cannot be understated. You have to manage the change effectively.

When done correctly: 

  • Executives make decisions and stay involved.
  • All staff feel part of the process.
  • All stakeholders feel you invested wisely.
  • You are much better off than when you started.

Setting You Up for Success

We infuse change management techniques into each one of our projects because we know how critical it is. Here is how we set you up for success.


We help our clients gain buy-in across all levels. Top management receives the tools to ensure all stakeholders understand the path forward.


We build teams of early-adopters, leaders, and super users who champion our project from the inside. Tailored training helps this core group become the first line of support. 


Each department or functional team receives clear direction on what is in it for them. It is important for all stakeholders to understand that the changes are happening with and for them, not to them.


We help clients develop the skills and perspective they need to be successful without us. When we complete our projects, we equip our clients with the knowledge and confidence to take their new tools far beyond the deployment day.