Change Management

We hold your hand at every step. We help you effectively prepare your organization and your constituents with communications templates and other proven change management techniques.

Change management is a deliberate process. We can help you plan for it and react as necessary. You need to have the right vocabulary, concepts, techniques, and communication plans to confidently and calmly carry out your vision.

The overall impact a major system change can have on an organization cannot be understated. You have to manage the change effectively.

When done correctly: 

  • Executives make decisions and stay involved.
  • All staff feel part of the process.
  • All stakeholders feel you invested wisely.
  • You are much better off than when you started.

Setting You Up for Success

We infuse change management techniques into each one of our projects because we know how critical it is. Here is how we set you up for success.


We help our clients gain buy-in across all levels. Top management receives the tools to ensure all stakeholders understand the path forward.


We build teams of early-adopters, leaders, and super users who champion our project from the inside. Tailored training helps this core group become the first line of support. 


Each department or functional team receives clear direction on what is in it for them. It is important for all stakeholders to understand that the changes are happening with and for them, not to them.


We help clients develop the skills and perspective they need to be successful without us. When we complete our projects, we equip our clients with the knowledge and confidence to take their new tools far beyond the deployment day.

Our Clients

A sample of our clients...

Going Above and Beyond

I loved working with Confluence Global because they pay attention to all of the details, resulting in a polished product. They cared about our solution as much as we did. Working in less-than-ideal conditions, they were able to help us see the light at the end of the tunnel by going above and beyond working with our staff.
Advanced Medical Technology Association
Dave Golden
Director, Information Technology
Washington, DC

Solving Complex Problems is Their Specialty

Craig Dellorso and his team at Confluence Global have been assisting us with our complex Nimble AMS implementation, including integrations to LMS, CMS, and SSO.
He is always so willing to talk through the project architecture and is happy to provide an assessment of how his team can help or point you in the right direction.
American Bankers Association
Sandy Minners
Washington, DC

Personal Touch

The Confluence Global team were dedicated partners who worked closely with our staff to successfully complete our AMS migration, something 3 other vendors in 8 years had failed to do. They had the project management, technical staff, and personal touch to get the job done right.
National Commission on Correctional Health Care
James Pavletich, MHA, CAE CEO
Chicago, IL

Delivered Every Step of the Way

After a thorough search, we chose Confluence Global as our partner for implementation of our new AMS. They delivered every step of the way. Confluence Global ensured they understood our business processes and requirements in order to successfully launch the new AMS last February. We plan to continue our partnership, so that we can continue to provide excellent experiences for our users.
National Commission on Correctional Health Care
Norma G. Castrejon
Director, Information Technology
Chicago, IL

System Integration is In Their Blood

I highly recommend the Confluence Global team with full confidence. The CG team did several successful RFPs and deploys while I was at the American Bakers Association as their SVP - Operations. As the COO at the NAHRO, I have engaged them in two CRM projects and both are going very well. System integration is in their blood.
Confluence Global is like an extension of your team. They get to know your people, your stakeholders, your pain points, and provide tailored and reasonably priced solutions that really work. Again, I highly recommend CG!
National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
Chuck Wellard
Chief Operating Officer
Washington DC

We Couldn’t Have Done it Without Them

We were unsure how to get the most out of a new AMS. Confluence Global helped us evaluate and implement YourMembership. With their help, we now have one system that integrates our website, member portal and learning management systems. We couldn’t have done it without them.
Warehousing Education & Research Council (WERC)
Michael Mikitka, CAE
Oak Brook, IL

They Understand Member Data

Confluence Global was instrumental in helping us get our data converted so we could launch onto a new membership system and website. They understand member data, are technically knowledgeable and efficient, and they communicate well. We were able to convert and launch within a couple of months, which is amazing given our small staff.
California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA)
Andrea Bennett
Executive Director
Sacramento, CA