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May 1, 2019

Avoid The Silent Killer - Lack of Change Management!
By: Craig Dellorso, CEO, Confluence Global

Key take-aways:

Embrace Change
Communicate to Manage
Invite Positive Personal Buy-in from Individuals
Be Deliberate

One thing I’ve learned in my 20-plus years in and around association technology is that you actually can manage change – for better or for worse. In this post I will relate some of my experiences that will hopefully help you as you approach your next big change.

When you set out to fundamentally alter your organization, it can be daunting and unsettling. The good news is… this is completely normal. It’s expected. Once you embrace that reality, you can move on to owning it.

From the top down and all the way back up again, there are all sorts of feelings, sometimes ranging from happy anticipation to feet-dragging dread. I get that; I really do. I have watched it happen with every type of group, big and small.

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